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ASER Construction plc makes an employee’s Visitation schedule of Andinet Park

Oct 20, 2019, Sunday ASER construction plc makes an employee’s Visitation schedule of Andinet Park. the Park, built at a cost of a five-billion-birr grant from various sources and initiated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph. D., Nobel Laureate), was inaugurated and opened for visitors as of October 10, 2019.it has a zoo inside the park ,five attractions are the historical buildings, indigenous plants exhibition, indigenous black mane lion zoo, a green area, and the nine regions’ pavilion. Furthermore, the park will also feature more than 1000 display items. accordingly, employees of ASER attending visitation schedule & visit the park experiencing such a unique delightful generational legacy incident, it has a role were refreshing, building a wonderful team & organizational spirit.

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