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ASER Construction Participated on Great Run 2023

  ASER Construction plc has participated on the 23th ,10km Great Ethiopian Run annual event. Employees of ASER attended the event on green wave running categories.  ASER construction believed that experiencing such unique and delightful sport event plays a significant role on building a wonderful team & organizational spirit.

ASER Construction Participated in Quality Day

Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise has celebrated this year’s quality day with the theme” Quality realizing your competitive potential” for the 12th time.  ASER construction is Iso certified and based on the principle of quality we give priority to it and Have been invited to participate in the quality day program held on the ECAE.          […]

Bole Michael Ring Road Project is Nearing Completion

Bole Michael ring road overpass and nearby approach roads project / lot 3/ is one of the road projects of ASER and its nearing compilation the total structure of the project now has reached 90 percent.   The Bridge has been completed and commissioned and other remaining works are in progress.    Addis Ababa City […]

Bole Homes – Gumruk Ring Road Project Bridge is Being Filled

This site is One of ASER’S Construction projects and Addis Ababa city Road Authority (AACRA) is the client and United Consulting Engineers P.L.C (UNICONE) is the consultants of the project. On march 31/2023 the concrete filling of the bridge has been done. The road has a length of 4.9km and a side width of 30 […]

ASER Construction submitted A G+4 Building for Addis Ababa City Administration Built in Two Month

ASER Constructions, based on the request from Addis Ababa city administration for support of charity work for the needy, 40 households have been constructed. Directed by the Addis Ababa city administrations ASER Construction Company has built a G+4 Standardized building in two-month periods. ASER construction built the building at a cost of more than 60-million-birr […]

ASER Construction Has Entered into Full Force Construction

   According to the road work project agreement between ASER Construction and Ethiopian Roads Administration (ERA), ASER Construction has entered into full force construction of an 18.8 kilometer road construction from Entoto Mariam to Kotebe.     Around Entoto Observatory Space Science Research Center (7km from the start point which is at entoto mariam) ASERS construction […]

ASER’S Management Members And Employees Held A General Meeting

ASER’S management members held a general meeting with the permanent employees of the company at Abyssinia Renaissance Hotel on January 3,2023 G.C  Aser’s Deputy general manger Eng. Michale Abraha expressed his gratitude to the company’s employees for their efforts to fulfill their responsibility and the results achieved. On the day, comments and questions from the […]

Asaita Afambo – Djibouti Border Road Project is underway

   ASER Construction is carrying out the construction of the Asaita Afambo Djibouti road project which is in the Afar region.  It has been stated that the work is being carried out successfully. The total structure and earthwork reach 99% and three bridges which are all completed. Now the overall accomplishment of the project has […]