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Completion of Phase I Project

A Supplementary Agreement-2 has been signed on the 1st of January, 2015 between Ethiopian Roads Authority and ASER Construction Plc.

It is recalled that a contract agreement was signed on the 30 1st of January, 2014 for the construction of Atkilt Terra – Autobus Terra Road Project Lot-1; Which is under construction since the beginning of February 2014 and also a Supplementary Contract Agreement No.1 was also signed on the 11th of December, 2014 between these two Parties for the construction of Minilik-II Square to Autobus Terra.

Besides, the Client desired to extend the length of construction from Minilik-II Square to Dejach-Wube-Sefer through Giorgis roundabout, with 10ms wide pedestrian road around Minilik-II Square, to which the Contractor agreed to comply accordingly.

Phase I – covers the construction of main carriageway, the roundabout and pedestrian walkway between Minilik-II Square and Dejach-Wube-Sefer; which will be completed within 3-Months starting from the beginning of January 2015.

Phase II – includes construction of all the legs that join Minilik-II Square, Bus bays, Taxi bays and a reserved Public space; which will be finalized within a year in accordance with the supplementary agreement-2.

On the 11th of February 2015, Phase I of construction from Minilik-II Square to Dejach-Wube-Sefer through Giorgis roundabout is completed and stayed open for traffic –earlier than the due date.  According to the agreement, ASER was supposed to complete the project by the end of March 2015.


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