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ASER Commences Crushing Plant Operation

Project Name

Crusher Plant.

Plant Description

ASER Construction has installed a fully automated, wheel mounted crushing and screening plants to add a significant value in providing raw material for the local demand.

Scope of the Plant

The Finland made Crushing and Screening plant is equipped with the industry’s most modern automation and has operational since February, 2015. The raw material for the plant is extracted and transported from a basalt rock quarry which comprises sufficient and well tested materials. The plant has a capacity of producing 150Tons/hr for all different types of aggregate.

Plant Location
The Concrete Batching Plant is located at Bole Bello which is 7km from Bole International Airport.

Plant Impact:

The Crushing Plant is believed to give a significant benefit to the construction companies in the local market. The plant is currently working for 10hrs/day providing job opportunities for 15 temporary and permanent workers.


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