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Kilinto and Koye-Fiche Project

Project Name
Supply and Installation of Pipes and Fittings and Construction of Civil works of Kilinto and Koye-Fiche area Water Supply Project(from well field Koye Reservoir) Contract-I.

Site Handover
ASER Construction Plc. took over the project site on June 2,2015 and commences operation starting from 20th of June, 2015

Project Status

The works of concrete casting is on progress for the reservoirs capacity of 10,000 m3 and a capacity of 2,500 m3.

Project Location

The project is located around Koye-Fiche of Addis Ababa.

Project Impact
The project provides job opportunity for 268 permanent and temporary workers.  After completion of the project ends the existing pure water supply to the underlying areas will be improved.


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