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Dejach Wube Minilik Squ. Abune Petros RA

Project Name

Dejach Wube-Minilik Square-Abune Petros RA-Atkilt Terra-Autobus Terra Asphalt Road Construction Project.

Project Scope
Asphalt Road Construction including utility lines (EEPCO, Telecom, Water Supply and Sewerage). Furthermore, within this route another contract is signed with Ethiopian Railways Corporation for Pipe installation for the LRT.

Project Status
Current works under progress includes St.George to Dejach Wube retaining wall is under construction including utility works, Abune Petros Sqauare to Autobus Terra pedestrian  way construction and street light pole erection (Left Hand Side) is also under construction and out of the total work currently 94% of the physical status is completed.

Project Impact
The project provides a job opportunity to 206 employees; out of which 35 are permanent and 171 temporary employees.


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