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Koka-Adulala-Debrezeit Project

Project Name

Koka-Adulala-Debrezeit Design and Build Road Project.

Project Description
The Project involves Design and Construction of Asphalt Road. The Project road has an estimated total length of about 52.22 Km.

Scope of the Project

The work consists of construction of new asphalt road of about 52.22 Km length which includes demolishing and removal of substandard structures such as bridge, slab culverts & pipe culverts and construction of new culverts and bridges.

Project Commencement 

ASER Construction P.L.C commenced the design and construction work of the road project on 9th of March, 2015. 

Project Location

The project road is located in the central part of Ethiopia, under Oromia Regional State, East Shewa Zone. It starts at a distance of 21 Km from Modjo town branching to the right from the existing Modjo-Hawassa trunk road at the exit of Koka town and traverses through town towards Dire town; then it traverses in the North East direction to terminate at Debrezeit town.

Current Status

The major works of the project under progress includes clearing & grubbing, drainage structure construction and earthwork construction within the stretched from Km 0+000 to 27+000. The Company has so far accomplished more than 15% of the total project work volume.

Machinery Mobilization

ASER Construction has mobilized a total of 31- Heavy Machineries and 14- Small Vehicles for the Project.

Project Camp Facilities

The Company has fully established itself with all camp facilities of offices, garage/workshop, warehouse, gas station, entertainment and cafeteria services among others.

Project Impact

The Project besides reducing the operating costs of vehicles and enhancing Socio-Economic development in the area; it also opens up a job opportunity for 114 – Permanent and 179- Temporary working individuals.


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