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ASER held Annual Management & Staff Day

ASER Construction P.L.C held its annual Management and StaffS Day on Sunday June 2, 2015 at Harmony Hotel.

During the opening ceremony, Yemane Abreha General Manager of the Company welcomed the staffs of the company and delivered an opening remark accompanied by a short report on the progress and achievements that has been attained during the physical year.  He also congratulated employees for their relentless contribution to the Company’s success.

In his keynote speech, he underscored that in recognition of the hard work and dedication of employees the Management has decided to announce a one month and half bonus and special prizes to those employees, who excel and meet the Company’s expectations.

During the ceremony, 21 employees were recognized for their outstanding performance and took their awards from Michael Abreha Deputy General Manager of ASER Construction P.L.C. Each year ASER Construction P.L.C gives recognition the hard work and dedication of its employees.

The Annual Day brought together Top Management and Employees from different Construction Project sites to celebrate the Company’s achievements and recognizing of the hard work and dedication of its employees.


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