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ASER to handover Megenagna-Torhayloch Project

Project Name

Megenagna-Torhayloch Road Project (Contract-2).

Project Description

ASER Construction P.L.C has revealed that it has completed and is set to handover Megenagna-Torhayloch Road Project soon, which covers a total of about 6 Km road.

Scope of the Project

The scope and works of the road project includes earth work with capping, sub-base up to base course preparation with structure works of the Mexico RBT, around 14 Km utility line works (EEPCO, Telecom, Sewerage and Water Supply) installation and with additional contract works with Ethiopian Railway Corporation for Pipe installation for LRT.

Project Status

Almost all except few inspection works of the road project has been completed and is readily available for handover.

Project Impact

A total of 600 Permanent and Temporary workers were deployed on the project. The project is said to help traffic congestion easier than it was before.


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