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Kilinto and Koye-Fiche Water Supply Project

Project Name

Supply, Installation of Pipes, Fittings and Construction of Civil works of Kilinto and Koye-Fiche area Water Supply Project(from well field Koye Reservoir) Contract-I.

Work Under Progress

The Work under Progress consists of cutting & placing reinforcement bar, setting/placing framework for column & Wall 2nd lift height, concrete work for column, retaining wall masonry construction and back-filling select material between reservoir & retaining wall at Koye 10,000m3 service reservoirs. While at CT-2,500m3 reservoir setting/placing form-work for column & wall 2nd left height, concrete work for column & wall are under construction.
Construction of site office at CT-5 and DCI Pipe Laying under express way through box culvert is also under progress.

Project Work Force

The project provides a wide job opportunity for 250 permanent and temporary workers; out of which 12 are female.


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