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Kilinto & Koye-Fiche Area Water Supply Project

Project Name

Supply and Installation of Pipes and Fittings and Construction of Civil works of Kilinto and Koye-Fiche area Water Supply Project (from well field Koye Reservoir) Contract-I.

Work Status

Cutting and blending of reinforcement bar for both reservoir roof slabs which is the final step of the civil work is under progress, setting form-work for final lift height of column is also being undertaken.

Retaining wall masonry is under construction as a result 75% of civil work is completed. 15% the transmission and collector line work is completed and control room, generator shelter construction as well as pump house and chlorination room tasks are well underway.

Client and Consultant

Client of the project is Addis Ababa & Sewerage Authority Water & Sanitation Development and Rehabilitation Project Office. Oromia Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise (OWWDSE) is the consulting firm.

Project Work Force

Currently, a total of 41 – Permanent and a 138 – of Temporary workers are engaged on the project.


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