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Restoration of Abune Petros Statue

Scope of the Work

The scope of the work includes excavation, construction of concrete walls, concrete seats, protection walls, finishing works and beautification & landscaping works.

Client and Consultant

Addis Ababa City Roads Authority (AACRA) is the Client and the consulting firm is United Consulting Engineering Plc. (UNICON).


ASER Construction Plc.


ASER commenced the work of monument on December 15, 2015, right after the provision of the design by consulting firm.

Work Progress

As of January 21, 2016 the progress work is about 75% and is expected to be substantially complete on the 7th of February, 2016.

Work Force

Currently, a total of around 15 permanent and 20 temporary workers are engaged on the construction work of the monument.


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