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Megenagna-Lem Hotel Wuhalemat Road Project

Project Name

Maeden Minster Megenagna – Lem Hotel – Wuhalimat Asphalt Road Project.

Scope of the Project

The main work of the project includes excavation, capping, sub-base and base course works including excavation for drainage and utility works.

The project work covers the following areas: – Megenagna under pass (left and right sides), Megenagna round about and Bole – Megenagna junction. It also covers Shola to Hayarat over pass & under pass and Golagul – Bole junction, Golagul – Signal and Golagul – Addis College area. Adwa Dildiy – Chichinia over and under pass junction are also part of the project works.

Client and Contractor

Addis Ababa City Roads Authority (AACRA) is the client while Core Consulting Engineers Plc is the Consulting Firm.


IFH Engineering Plc is the main Contractor where as ASER Construction Plc is the Sub-Contractor of the Project.

Project Status

Currently, substantial work of the project is being completed except some minor junction works around Megenagna and Golagul area.

Machinery Mobilization

A total of around 35 Machinery’s and Equipment’s are deployed for the project.


Around 32 permanent and 84 casual workers are currently engaged on this project.


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