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ASER Commenses the 2nd New Crusher Plant

Plant Name

Crusher Plant

Plant Description

ASER Construction has installed the second latest and most advanced Metso one Wheel Mounted Crushing and Screening Plant at Koka-Adulala-Debrezeit Design and Build Road Project Site so as to provide quality aggregates easily and sufficiently for its own projects.

Scope of the Plant

The plant is installed and has already begun full operation as of late September 2015. It has a capacity of producing 120tons/hr for all different types of aggregate. The plant is an all-electric way to combine a crusher and screen on the same basis. Despite having a high-capacity crushing and screening plant, it is still easy to dismantle and move providing efficient room for accessibility.

Plant Location

The plant is installed at Koka-Adulala-Debrezeit Design and Build Road Project site; which is found at the Central part of Ethiopia, Oromia Regional State of East Shewa Zone.

Plant Work Force

The Crusher Plant is presently working for more than 10hrs/day. It has created job opportunity for about 20 casual and permanent workers.



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