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ASER Undertaking Supplementary Road Project

Project Name

Bole Ring Road RBT – Meskel Square Wello Sefer-Urael Supplementary Road Project

Scope of the Project

Scope of the project encompasses road construction of a total of 1.7 km that traverse from Wello Sefer to Urael. The main works of the project includes box culvert construction with a 15.6 height with a 10m span and 36 of width and construction of retaining walls of 12m height. Excavation, capping, sub-base and base course works including excavation for drainage and utility works are also part of the works of the project.

Client and Consultant

Addis Ababa City Roads Authority (AACRA) is the client while Engineer Zewdie Eskinder and Co. PLC is the consulting firm.


IFH Engineering Plc is the main Contractor and ASER Construction Plc is the Sub-Contractor of the Project.

Work Under Progress

Construction of box culvert has been on progress and 52 percent of it is accomplished while retaining walls construction is underway.

Machinery Mobilization

A total of around 22 Machinery’s and Equipment’s are deployed for the project.

Project Work Force

Currently a total of 102 workers are engaged on the project of which 16 employees are permanent and the rest 86 are temporary.


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