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ASER Commences Asphalt Mixing Plant Operation

Plant Name

Marini Asphalt Mixing Plant

Plant Description

ASER Construction PLC has fully commissioned its own Marini Asphalt Plant for production of different grade and type of asphalt products for own project consumption and to add a significant value in providing raw material to other contractors or clients. This comprehensive asphalt mixing plant has its own certified materials testing/quality control laboratory so as product types passes series of test to assure every product of asphalt meets high standard.

Scope of the Plant

The Asphalt Plant has a capacity of producing 90-120 ton of asphalt per hour and has begun production since April 14, 2015. It has a capacity of producing different mix types of asphalt that are widely used to the construction of highways, airfields, city roads, parking lots, compounds and others.

Plant Location

The plant is located around Bole Bulbula area, Addis Ababa, which is easily accessible for transportation.

Plant Workforce

The Asphalt Mixing Plant is believed to give a significant advantage in providing job opportunity for a total of 38 people.

Safety, Health &Environment

Protecting the safety and health of our employees and being responsible towards the environment and public health are essential priorities of our Asphalt Mixing Plant operations.


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