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Dejach Wube-Autobus Tera road Inaugurated

The 3.20 kilometers Asphalt road that has been built by ASER Construction plc which stretches from Dejach Wube Sefer via Menilik II square Abune Petros RA to Autobus Tera has been inaugurated on June 8, 2016 together with other projects in the presence of ranking government officials including H.E. Driba Kuma, Mayor of Addis Ababa City Administration.

It is recalled that ASER has entered into an agreement with Addis Ababa City Road Authority on January 31st, 2014 to complete and handover the project within one year. ASER has completed major parts of the project (except those sections occupied by obstruction) and put into service on mid of 2015; the whole project being completed and handed over to the client on February 12, 2015.

During the inauguration ceremony, the Mayor said, In the effort to transform Addis Ababa into an international metropolitan, rigorous infrastructural development activities have been carried out in the last decade; especially in the road construction. Extending his gratitude to contractors and consultants engaged in the road project, he promised further collaboration in the future.

Engineer Feqade Haile, General Manager of Addis Ababa City Road Authority on his part said that today, eight road with 16 kilometers length and various width has been inaugurated including what we are to inaugurate right now. He said that ASER Construction plc has completed the road from Dejach Wube-Autobus Tera Asphalt road.

According to Engineer Fekade, ASER was first granted a length of 2.1 kilometers road and 30 meters wide road including pedestrian walkway from Atikilt Tera to Autobus Tera and has latter increased into 3.2 kilometers as the client added the stretch from Atikilit Tera via Minilik II square to Dejach Wubbie Sefer into this contract following the good performance of the contractor.

It was also noted that the scope of the project also includes the construction of underground electric ducts and cables along the railway tunnel from Giorgis RA to Abune Petros RA, restoration works of the Abune Petros Monument in its original place, and reinstatement of Addis Ababa City Municipality Bureau Fencing works. The whole project cost for the roads built by ASER Construction plc was over 309 million birr.

At the end of the inauguration ceremony, Engineer Yemane Abrha, General Manager of ASER Construction plc has granted certificate for the successful implementation of the project.


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