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ASER holds Annual Consultation Meeting

In commemoration with the ending of the 2008 Ethiopian fiscal year, ASER Construction plc held its annual consultation meeting at Harmony hotel on July2, 2016 to discuss on problems encountered, strengths and weaknesses identified and to draw lessons of experience.

The meeting, chaired by General Manager and his deputy, was attended by finance, procurement & supply department managers, respective division heads and experts, project managers and concerned experts drawn from head office and projects, among others.

The major points of discussion on which evaluations were made particularly were on company’s data management and inventory system, enterprise resource planning (ERP), which is data management software, typically a suite of integrated applications that the company’s is using to collect, store, transfer, manage and interpret data and activities.

Status of accounts of company’s 2008 fiscal year and reports of supply and procurement were also the other major points which were entertained during the consultation meeting.

Intensive discussions were held on each of the above indicated issues following which it was concluded that up on company’s data management and inventory system each department and expert needs to grip seriously and use the system efficiently.

It is noted that ASER Construction plc holds similar meetings regularly where it discusses challenges and achievements.


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