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ASER Green Park Construction Well Underway

The construction of ASER Green Park is well underway, expected to be completed in September 2016, project manager, Abebe Tesfaye disclosed.

In an exclusive interview on August 17, 2016; the project manager said, “Zana Landscape, Design and contractor plc. has carried out the design work of the park and is now working on the actual construction duty based on the standards stipulated in the design.”

Noting that close to 50 employees are deployed in just one of the two sites of the park, Abebe said, “We are now executing the pavement casting (concrete casting) duty, the main job of the whole project.”

Zana is striving to make the park readily available for inauguration by September, 2016, he added.

The park is envisioned to provide versatile services to the public; in addition to its aesthetic values.


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