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ASER Participates in First Ever National Construction Exhibition, Forum

ASER Construction PLC has taken part in the first round Tigray National Construction Exhibition and Forum held from September 2-4, 2016 at Mekele Town.  It was the first ever prepared exhibition and forum hosted at the national level in Tigray Regional State, it was learnt.

The exhibition was organized by Tigray Construction Association in collaboration with the Tigray Construction and Road Transport Bureau, having the theme of “Lets Team up for the success of the second Growth and Transformation Plan”. A total of more than 20 government and private institutions that are engaged in the construction field took part. The exhibition entertained a vast number of visitors drawn from the town.

Along with high ranking officials, Ambassodor Addisalem Belema, Tigray region Vice President and TPLF Central Committee Member, officially opened the exhibition and delivered the opening and welcoming remark.

Deputy General Manager of ASER Construction PLC, Michael Abreha, highlighted honorable guest and ranking government officials about ASER’s portfolios.

Comprehensive promotional packages that showcased several activities of the company such as Brochure, pictures, among others were displayed during the three day Exhibition and Forum.

Besides, a-one day forum was held under the title of Total Quality Management (TQM) in Construction Industry which at the same time shared best experiences among participants.


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