September 21 2016 0Comment

Executive Decision passed over Koka-Adulala Project

Top level management of ASER Construction plc passed executive decision to finalize the Koka- Adulala Project before March, 2017.

The decision was passed in a consultative meeting held on September 18, 2016 with employees and project manager of Koka-Adulala at the project camp that addressed the need to consolidate efforts and resources for the successful completion of the project on the scheduled time.

The consultative meeting which was chaired by Eng. Yemane Abrha, General Manager of ASER Construction plc, the Deputy General Manager Eng. Michael Abrha, accompanied by the Human Resource and Administration Department Manager, Mesfin T/Yohannes entertained a thorough discussion and consultation bidding to curb major challenges which employees are facing in the line of duty.

The top level management crew has patrolled around the project area before the commencement of the meeting.


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