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ASER Staffs took part in 2016 GER

A total of 100 staffs of ASER Construction PLC along with General Manager and members of management has too part at the 16th edition of the 2016 TOTAL Great Ethiopian Run (GER) 10km International mass race.

The staffs were gathered early before race and take team pictures and videos holding company flag on their hand and showcase their unity and love.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to the company who gave us this opportunity to take in such mass race with my fellow staffs,” said one of the employees. Adding that, “Running together with fellow staff, besides bringing joy and happiness it will help us to develop our team spirit and strength love and respect we have.”

ASER staffs were joined the race in both red and green waves.

Every year large numbers of ASER Construction plc staffs takes part in the Great Ethiopian Run, the largest mass race in Africa.


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