November 24 2016 0Comment

ASER Resumes Construction of Koka-Adulala-Debrezeit Road Project

Construction of Koka-Adulala-Debrezeit Design and Build Road Project has been resumed after more than a month of seize.

This was officially announced in a consultative meeting held on November 22, 2016 with employees and the project manager at the project camp.

The consultative meeting addressed the need to consolidate efforts and resources to successfully complete the project within three months of time.

Speaking during the meeting, Yemane Abrha, General Manager of the company, said that a total of nearly 45 days were passed over due to the unrest, and now everything is under calm situation and together in a team the project has to be completed at least with in a three months of time. And the company is committed to mobilize additional resources that enable to finalize the project work.

The entire project entertained a thorough discussion and consultation bidding to curb other major challenges which employees are facing in the line of duty and they finally urged to finalize the remaining work due date.


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