Wereda, Local People Express Satisfaction on Road Construction

Under East Shewa zone, Liben Chukala Wereda administration Manager and local people express their joy and commended ASER Construction because of the ongoing Koka-Adulala-Debrezeit Design and Build Road Project.

Appreciating the current progress of the asphalt road project, Birihanu Geresu Wereda’s administration Manager stated that the Wereda sofar doesn’t have any road accessibility except a 33 kilometer entry gravel road, but the ongoing asphalt road will help linking with other Weredas and Zones.

He also added that the road project will give us ample advantages in opening market accessibility for farmers and opens ways for investments. Besides the road project open job opportunity for a lot of peoples and the Construction Company is answering several demanding developmental questions of the Wereda’s peoples.

As of the late December, 2016 construction of the project has reached 53.5 percent and is expected to be completed within four months of time.


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