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Construction of Megenegna Taxi Bay supplementary project well under progress

Project Name

Megenagna lot 1 and 2 Road Project -Megenegna Taxi Bay supplementary project

Scope of the Project

Scope of the work encompasses immense excavation, capping, sub base and base course works including asphalt overlay as well as pipe laying works.

Current Project Status

As of march first, 2017 full excavation work and first layer base course work has been completed and drainages work and walk ways works and few sub base works are under progress and the total works will be completed within a week time.

Client and Consultant

Addis Ababa City Roads Authority (AACRA) is the client while Core consulting Engineers PLC is the consulting firm.

Commencement Date

February 4, 2017

Machinery Mobilization

A total of 20 machineries and equipments are deployed for the project.

Project Work Force

Currently a total of 83 workers are engaged on the project of which 19 employees are permanent and the rest 74 are temporary.


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