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ASER Deploys nearly 15 Machineries & Dum Trucks to Aid Rescue Efforts at ‘Koshe’ Rubbish Dump Landslide

ASER Construction has deployed nearly 15 machineries in an effort to rescue victims of garbage landslide accident which were happened on Saturday night, March 12, 2017

After hearing a support call from the City Administration, the Company immediately deployed its machineries early Sunday morning a day after the accident occurred. As a result two excavators, loader and more than 10 dump trucks are deployed in serve of aiding rescue efforts.

As of early march 14, 2017 the government has confirmed that the death toll has reached 65 and the rescue efforts are being undertaken well.

According to an official source, the landslide has buried more than 30 makeshift homes of squatters living inside the Koshe landfill. Most of the deceased were women and children, while more bodies are expected to be found.

As yet no cause for the disaster has been announced.

It was noted that ASER Construction has been working the Bethel area Sewerage line, a project that traverses the Koshe area and its surroundings.

The management and staffs of ASER construction plc express deep condolences to the families of the victims and expresses sincere best wishes for a speedy recovery to those wounded on this sad occasion.


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