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ASER Sponsors, Participates in First Oromia Construction Exhibition

ASER Construction PLC has sponsored and taken part in the first Oromia Construction Exhibition and Forum held from May 30-June 5, 2017 at the Oromia Cultural Center, Addis Ababa.

The exhibition was organized by Oromia Construction Bureau, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Urban Development and Housing and Oromia Chamber of Commerce having the theme of “Oromia Construction Exhibition for the Country’s Development and Renaissance”.

A total of more than 15 government and private institutions that are engaged in the construction field took part. The exhibition entertained a vast number of visitors.

Federal and Oromia Regional State’s High ranking officials were present and visited the opening ceremony.

Present on the official Opening ceremony General Manager of ASER Construction PLC, Yemane Abraha with his deputy, Michael Abreha, highlighted honorable guests and ranking government officials about ASER’s portfolios.

Comprehensive promotional packages that showcased several activities of the company such as various brochures, banners, rollup banners and framed pictures, among others were displayed on the Exhibition.

Besides, a-one day forum was held at African Economic Commission (ECA) which at the same time shared best experiences among participants.


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