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ASER Apartment Buildings Construction Well under progress

Construction of Meskel Flower and Bole ASER Apartment buildings are well under progress as construction of each reached 4th floor and 1st floor respectively.

Separately, the Bole apartment building, one of ASER’s under construction luxury apartment building is well under progress as ground and basement works are completed earlier.

In an exclusive interview on June 8, 2017; Solomon Tadesse, Bole area apartment building project manager said that, “ the construction work is well under way and within 75 days we have completed a lot of works including matt foundation, ground and basement and currently we are finalizing the first floor of the apartment”.  Adding that the construction duty is being carried out based on the standards stipulated in the design with close supervision from Bereket Tesfaye Consultant, Architects and Engineers PLC, the architect of the building

He also noted that currently a total of 85 employees are deployed on the construction site.

Meanwhile, construction of the Meskel flower apartment has reached on the 4th slab as basement water proofing sub base drainage and other major duties has been completed earlier.

The buildup area of the Bole apartment building is 550m2 while the Meskele flower is 750 m2 and the construction progress of each has reached by now 10 and 45 percents respectively.


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