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ASER Holds Discussion with Burayu City Administration to Commence Road Project

ASER Construction PLC has received a warm welcome and holds discussion with Burayu City Administration and residents to mobilize and commence the Sansusi-Tatek Kela Road Upgrading Project.

Present on the session were Deputy Mayor of Burayu City Administration D/r Diriba, representatives of Ethiopian Road Authority, high ranking officials of City Administration and residents of the City Administration.

On behalf of ASER, Yared Biyadgling (Eng.), Project Manager of the Sansusi-Tatek Kela Road Upgrading Project highlights the description of the overall look of the project scope while Dereje Ayele official representative of Ethiopian Road Authority speaks out on issues related with right of way, demarcation and other issues regarding with remuneration.

Afterwards, several issues were raised from the participations and appropriated answers were given from the concerned bodies.

Sansusi-Tatek Kela Road Upgrading Project has a total approximate length of 14 km and is located in the Western Addis Ababa in Oromia special zone surrounding Finfinne in Burayu woreda of Oromiya Regional State. The road starts from outskirt of Addis Ababa from Sansusi and heads to the west direction and ends at Tatek Kela merging on Addis – Ambo Trunk Road. The project work also includes construction of minor and major drainage structures.

The project is estimated to be completed within 2 and half years and will provide a job opportunity for a significant number of peoples of the area.

The project road when completed will ease the transportation facility for about 300 thousand residents of the city administration who suffered hardship over the years due to unsuitable road access with drainage problems.






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