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Bole Lemi Phase II Industrial Park Project 60 Percent Completed

Project Name
Earth work construction of Bole Lemi Phase II Industrial Park project
Scope of the Project
Scope of the work includes immense earth work construction of which 860,000 m3 common excavation, 162,000 m3 cut to fill excavation, 550, 000m3 of borrow to fill and 200,000 m3 rock excavation works. The total area of the project site covers 95 hectare of land.
Current Project Status
As of mid June, 2017 the total construction status of the project has been reached 60 percent as major works of cut to fill/embankment has reached 46.3 percent. While borrow to fill/embankment has reached 38.3 percent and 37 .6 percent of rock fill work has been completed so far. Hard and normal excavations have been completed 74.5 and 92.3 percent respectively.
Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC)
Chinese CGCOC Group Co. Ltd and ASER Construction PLC

Commencement Date
March 15, 2017
Total work Force
The project currently provides job opportunity for 505 temporary and 25 permanent employees.
Machinery Mobilization
Currently total of 92 earth moving machineries and vehicles are utilized for the project.


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