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Koka-Adulala-Debrezeit Design and Build Road Project 90 Percent Completed

Project Name

Koka-Adulala-Debrezeit Design and Build Road Project.

Project Client and Consultant

Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) and NET Consulting Engineers & Architects Plc. respectively are the clients and consultants of the Project respectively.


ASER Construction Plc

Project Description

The Design and Build road project extends from Modjo town branching to the right from the existing Modjo-Hawassa trunk road at the exit of Koka town and traverses through Dire town; then it crosses in the North-East direction to terminate at Debrezeit town. The Project involves Design and Construction of Asphalt Concrete Road Project having a total design length of 52.22Km.

 Current Project Status

As of June 20, 2017 major works of sub grade, first and second sub grade works each has been completed 99.5percent completed while  base course, prime and binding course works has been completed 95,94.6 and 78.6 respectively. Wearing course works has been completed 73 percent and others major works well done so far. And the total status of the project currently has been reached 90 percent and within the coming few weeks the overall project will be completed.

Machinery Mobilization

ASER Construction has currently mobilized a total of 68 owned and 58 rental construction machineries and Equipments.

Work Force

Currently, a total of 681 work forces are engaged on the project; out of which 113 are permanent and the rest 568 are local temporary workers.


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