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Construction of South Ayat North Fanta Water Supply Project well under progress

Project Name

South Ayat North Fanta Water Supply Project.

Project Client and Consultant

Water and Sanitation Development and Rehabilitation Project Officer (A.A.W.S.A) and Oromia Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise (OWWDSE) are the clients and consultants of the project respectively


ASER Construction Plc

Project Description

The scope of the project consists of supply and installation of pipe and fittings and Civil work constructions of laying various diameter DCI collector pipes in SANF well fields (21Boreholes), construction of ground level construction of ground level reinforced concrete reservoirs of capacity 10,000m3 and 5000m3 collection tank (CT5) around Tulu Guddo, construction of road, watercourse and other crossings, and construction of other miscellaneous works.

Current Project Status

As of June 23, 2017 major works of Tullu Guddo 10000 m3 Reservoirs has reached 52.0 percent financially and casting 3rd lift height wall work under progress, while Tullu Guddo 5,000 m3 reservoirs construction has reached 29.6 percent financially and casting 1st lift height wall work under progress.  Construction of well field collector and ancillary buildings has reached 4 percent financially.

Project Work Force

The project currently provides job opportunity for 31 permanent and 145 temporary workers.

Machinery Mobilization

A total of 13 heavy and small machinery’s are currently deployed for the project.





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