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ASER to undertake Goda Project

Goda Bottle & Glass Share Company awarded a new factory project to ASER Construction. The project is located at Tigray regional state on a place called Edaga Hamus.

ETB 253,141,960.26 is the volume of the project and it is expected to end up within 365 days. K2N Architecture & Engineering Consultancy plc is working as project consultant alongside with the contractor.

In addition it’s believed that the project will play a vital significance role on creating vast job opportunity for the surrounding area.

The project will consist various construction works including

  • Office Building
  • Clinic Building
  • Canteen Building
  • Dormitory building
  • Site work, internal road, landscaping and drainage
  • Different types of factory plant buildings
  • Different types of raw material and product stores
  • Water treatment Area circulation water station shade

It is recalled that ASER has been working on Apartment & Water supply projects along with major road projects.


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