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Construction of Kality Tulu Dimtu Round About Road Project

ASER is undertaking main construction activities which are prominent on building of the Kality Tulu Dimtu Round about Road Project. Currently Earthwork, minor structure, bridge and retaining wall construction activities are being done effectively.
Project description and status as of Oct 23, 2018
Project Name Kality Tulu Dimtu Round about Road Project
Project duration – 720 days
Client AACRA
Contractor China Communications Construction Company (CCCC)
(ASER is working under sub-contract agreement)
Construction of earthwork, pavement work, over bridge construction, installation of longitudinal drainage pipes and other similar activities.
Currently the project reaches 36.9% of overall progress in terms of financial terms.

Work Force
A total of 37 Permanent and 75 temporary employees are engaged on this project.


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