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Top Management Meeting Held at Harmony Hotel

An executive management meeting held at Harmony Hotel. A set of Top Management members has discussed on Current status & activities of ongoing projects.
Each Project, Plant and Department managers presented their actual performance report for the General & Deputy General Managers. Based on the presented reports all members had an open & exhaustive discussion on major issues.
In addition, ways and solutions on how to improve work progress on active projects and enhance customer satisfaction & internal activities were discussed extensively. Mainly an emphasis was given to quality improvement and productivity issues.
In conclusion of the meeting, G/Manager Yemane Abrha gave a certificate award to management members for the completion of ISO 9001:2015 QMS training.
In the closing statement Eng. Yemane underlined that an extensive effort is expected from all management team for the success & achievement of visions & goals of the company. And he also passes an executive decision to make a permanent managerial meeting Monthly.


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