July 10 2019 0Comment

ASER construction sign a contract agreement for six Addis Ababa sub-city river crossing structure design & build project.

The contract agreement is made between ASER construction PLC and AAWSA, WATER and sanitation development & Rehabilitation project office in sum Birr 113,490,859,49.
The project will design & build for river crossing structures including sewer lines, steel bridge river crossing & connection rehabilitation works.
Design and build at the place of Addis Ababa sub-city Lebu, Afinchober, Mechare Meda, Posta Bet, Chafe Genet Menafesha and Begtera area.
The main function of the project to build river crossing Steel bridge to connect the community without risk.in the other hand More than 1200 people expected to get job opportunities.


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