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The project consists of supply and installation of pipe and fitting and civil work construction of laying various diameter DCI collator pipes in SANF well fields /21 Boreholes/, Construction of ground-level constriction of ground-level reinforced concrete reservoirs of capacity 10000 M3 and 5000 M3 collection tank (CT5) around Tulu Guddo, watercourse and other crossing control room, 21 generator seats & houses at Well Field, demolishing existing pump and constriction of the access road total length 24 km miscellaneous work. Besides this project, ASER’s add supplementary contract for the construction of water points & simple access roads surrounding the community. And also, Akaki-Kality Sub-city Woreda 9,10,11 & Oromia special zone Gelan Arabsa construct 15 water points & 9.6 km simple access roads. At the same time, it has created job opportunities for the surrounding community which is permanent 33, temporary 104 & 53 security guard employees.

Previously,ASER Construction took over the project site and commenced operation Nov,2016, and intended completion data for the whole of the works in twelve months. But,right of way & electro-mechanical work activities delay the schedule.Eventually, the construction has been physically completed 95%. The consultant & Addis Ababa water sewerage authority /AAWSA/ start and checking hand over and Final provisional hand over finished soon.



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