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A review Sub-contract Agreement has been signed on Oct 15,2019, between CFHEC China& ASER Construction Plc.

It is recalled that a contract agreement No̱1 was signed on 23, July 2019, for the construction of the Addis Ababa River Side Green Development Project. Located between Sheraton Addis Hotel & National Palace and also review contract Agreement No̱ 2 was also signed on 15, Oct 2019.

Besides, The Scope of the project soil excavation works, rock excavation work, rock blasting works and cart away, fill works, embankment. Different road construction up to courses level work. Currently, ASER has been completed the above activities.

On the other hand, The Addis Ababa Riverside Green Development project is the government environmentally friendly grand project, which is also a people beneficial from the project. This project showcases visions, ambitions, and great ideas. Emphasize green development in Ethiopia taking many initiatives including the planting of trees and also the project priority making to beautify Addis Ababa city and it aims to boost tourism. Both domestic and international tourists. as the same time, it improves the image of Addis Ababa and the giving of environmental benefits.

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