November 18 2020 0Comment


Previously, The ASER Constriction team has working day and night to finish the SANSUI-TATEK-KLELA Road Project even though, some complications regarding the delay in the schedule. In an exclusive interview on Nov 14,2020, Constriction Engineer Germachew Selshi Said “ASER is one of the credible along with side experiences skill full Construction company working different project, for instance, construct Piyassa, Atekelet Tera, Mexico Roads, etc. According to this, we plan to submit the master schedule before the handover day. but, delay the project due to the right of way issue, design change, and utility works. The BURAYU Oromia regional state city Administration and client /ERA/ Ethiopia road authority They should collaborate and work on the right of way issues to construct the road quickly. One year hither the Burayu city Administration takes a stride on the right of way issue to facilitate the construction. Side by side, currently half part of the road 9km Asphalt placed, side drainage pipe, manhole, earthwork, pavement, structure & activates has done. Overall current status rich 51%.

Besides this, when this project complete It has advantages for the surrounding community like… changing the Topography of the city, it crates investment opportunity, short path road, mixed Economy and minimize Traffic jam.

Also, ASER takes social reasonability by giving electric light for 28 family members surrounding employee Camp which is without charge and also constructed Gefersa bridge successfully to connect the Community into another city without risk. At the same time, 330 permanent employees and 460 temporaries participate. ̎