March 15 2021 0Comment

Oromia Regional State, Sansuse Tatek Kella’s road construction is one of ongoing successful project.

It is known that Aser Construction PLC has constructing a number of asphalt road, bridge and apartment houses for the last 15 years. Accordingly the company is on work of constructing 14 kilometers of  Sansuse Tatek Kella asphalt road.

The construction works are continuing with the time schedule as per the contractual documents signed by the Contractor (i.e. Aser Construction PLC & Ethiopian Road Construction Authority/ERA). And currently Sansuse Tatek Kella’s road construction project work progress is about more than 50% (Fifty Percent) and left with 50% (Fifty Percent) remaining unfinished works. Some of the construction works has been done by the project is cut to spoil, earth work & pipe side drainage, utilities line work, slave culvert, protection work (retaining wall) and walk way. The company in constructing the above said road is contributing a lot to the people living around the area & to the government. Here some of the company’s contributions are: job opportunities for a number of unemployed youth (i.e. 96 permanent & 631 temporary or casual employees).

As the project statement if there is no future external factors that may delay the project’s construction works, the total Sansuse Tatek Kella’s road construction work will come to an end within the coming four month.