March 26 2021 0Comment

LEGEDADI Phase 2 Water Supply and Installation Project

The project LEGEDADI phase 2 lot 1 water supply project intends to collect ground water from LEGEDADI well field up to 86,000M3 per day through 52 km collectors, pipe lines, transfer and pump to NR1 pumping station at YEKA ABADO hill through DN800 transmission main within 20.2 km distance, The project contract agreement is signed between AAWSA, water and sanitation Development and Rehabilitation project office and ASER construction plc JV with CGCOC groups Co ltd on 19th of April, 2019.

Currently project work progress is about more than 81.60 % of completed.
Here some of the company’s contributions are: job opportunities for a number of unemployed youth (i.e. 43 permanent &280 temporary employees).