February 21 2023 0Comment

ASER Construction Has Entered into Full Force Construction

   According to the road work project agreement between ASER Construction and Ethiopian Roads Administration (ERA), ASER Construction has entered into full force construction of an 18.8 kilometer road construction from Entoto Mariam to Kotebe.

    Around Entoto Observatory Space Science Research Center (7km from the start point which is at entoto mariam) ASERS construction camp site has been constructed. In additions ASER has started of staff dormitories and canteens at the camp site.

On the day of the program ASER’S officials and employees, Aba Geddas and elders, the Menabechu woreda and sub city officials, the local defense force and police officials’ officers were also present.

   General manager of ASER construction Eng,Yemane Abrha also give instruction for management members and employee to finish the project before or with in the given contract time and as per contract agreement. There was a tree planting program held by ASER’S officials and the gusts.