About ASER Crusher Plant

ASER Crusher Plant produces and supplies wide range of aggregate materials to the construction sector of Addis Ababa and the outskirt areas with modern installed automations around Bole Bello area of Addis Ababa and commissioned in February,2015 to best serve the construction sector.

With a capacity of producing 150Tons/hr, it provides all different types of aggregates used for Concrete, Base course, Sub base, Asphalt among others. The manufacturing units are equipped with modern testing facilities; which are run by a team of experienced professionals. In addition to supplying raw materials to our construction projects, they are readily available for sell in a wide range of construction applications at
reasonable price and timely delivery time.

Crusher Plant

As stated earlier, ASER Crusher Plant processes and produces high quality aggregate products from the strong granite rock found in our quarries. These aggregates are available in various technical specifications, which are suitable for a wide range of applications, including for Asphalt Concrete, Base course, Sub base and aggregates for Concrete and many more.

We are dedicated to guarantee excellence in quality of our products. Our service motto is ‘Listen to customer’s needs and deliver as agreed’. Furthermore, we have been addressing issues such as health and safety, quality control, ethical trading, biodiversity, and Corporate Social Responsibility; so that we can offer our customers a truly sustainable solution.

What Makes Our Products Different

Ingredients of our product are made of high quality rocks from the company’s own quarry that is located nearby the plant. All aggregates are produced to meet international standards and can be customized to satisfy specific requirements of the customer. Furthermore, our modern quarry equipment coupled with the skilled personnel ensures efficient production and processing.

We value our success on the ability to consistently deliver unmatched excellence in our products and services. This is realized in our quarry operations through strict adherence to professional management procedures and engineering principles. Our products are synthesized to meet the finest quality standards of engineering; which makes us
discrete from others.

At every stage of the planning, production, stocking and delivery process, our technical experts do have the acumen to ensure consistency of products. The well-equipped site laboratories provide necessary quality control, and customized testing and inspection of aggregates; which are meant to meet standards and compliances stipulated in the blue
print of contractual agreements.

Furthermore, our quarry equipment inventory features the latest model machines and technology from leading brands worldwide, and operates to the leading standards. To ensure constant and consistent provision, we give high value to maintenance based on the original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Manual.