Strategic Foundations


This Context document is applicable across the whole of ASER’s quality management system.


To be a Leading, Effective and Preferred General Contractor within East Africa  by 2025 G.C.


Participate in large scale transport, water work & building construction in domestic market & playing its part in the nations development by insuring timely completion and acceptable quality;Ensure continual improvement in quality and production by building company production capability; Ensure continual profitability


  • Visionary Leadership
  • Balance of Customer Satisfaction & Profitability
  • Involvement & Human Dignity
  • Building Proactive Organizational Culture
  • Respect of the law
  • Capacity Building
  • Factual Decision Making


  • Leadership Commitment
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Responsibility & Accountability
  • Mutually Beneficial Business Relationship(Partnership)
  • Continual Growth & Development
  • Synergy Creative Cooperation
  • Contribution & Achievement

Quality Objective

  • Install effective & efficient quality management system throughout the company, maintain and continuously improve it;
  • Ensure all projects are completed within time, planned cost and specified quality targets;
  • Ensure the availability of sufficient construction work commensurate to its capacity;
  • Ensure continuous profitability and growth of ASER’s implementation capacity at a minimum of 10% annually
  • Transform the companies qualification capability to participate in any large scale demotic & international bids;
  • Transform the companies capability into an internationally competitive construction company within Five years;
  • Foster creativity by introducing new & modern construction technologies (method & Equipment) used by international construction companies.